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Minutes of the meeting of Tiwana Brotherhood International held on Dec 1st, 2013 at the residence of S. Balbir Singh Tiwana, Doraha

The following were present;

  • Narinder Singh
  • Kitab Singh
  • Bachhiter Singh
  • Chander Pal
  • Inder Singh
  • Malvinder Singh
  • Gunjeet Singh
  • Harinder Singh
  • Abinder Singh
  • Balbir Singh
  • Baljit Singh
  • Capt. Bhag Singh
  • Darbara Singh
  • Gurmukh Singh
  • Harbant Singh
  • Surjit Singh
  • Jaswant Singh
  • Mrs. Dhiraj Kaur
  • Mrs. Paramjit Kaur

Sardar Narinder Singh Tiwana, President, Tiwana Brotherhood International welcomed the members of the brotherhood, their families and other guests. He expressed gratitude to Sardar Balbir Singh Tiwana for hosting the meeting. He regretted that the meeting could not be held earlier due to one reason or the other. He thanked Sardar Bachhiter Singh Tiwana , Finance Secretary of the brotherhood for arranging this meeting.

Sardar Bachhiter Singh informed that some members of the brotherhood had passed away. So, gathering stood up and observed one minute silence in memory of the following departed souls.

  • Bachhiter Singh S/O Teja Singh
  • Gian Singh S/O Babu Singh
  • Gurbhagat Singh S/O Gurpal Singh
  • Harminder Singh S/O Jagjit Singh
  • Mchhander Singh S/O Bachan Singh
  • Sukhwinder Singh S/O Harmohinder Singh

Hon’ble President informed that the website of the brotherhood has been made fully functional with facility to apply for online membership of Tiwana Brotherhood. The website also gives a link to the Face book in the name of brotherhood i.e. He also informed that 42 Copies of “The History of Tiwanas” have been sent to libraries of High schools in Punjab. Further, due to lull in the activities of the brotherhood no scholarships were awarded during the last two years. He requested members for submission of applications for scholarships by Dec.31st,2013 so that these could be awarded by end of January,2014.

Hon’ble President then requested Finance Secretary to present the annual audit report i.e. income, expenditure, Scholarships for approval of the house. S. Bachhitar Singh Tiwana, Finance Secretary, however, promised to be send the audit report to the members separately.

Thereafter, elections to executive committee were held and the following were elected:

President :
S. Narinder Singh Tiwana
H.No. 1049, Singh Enclave, Sector 51-B, Chandigarh. 160047
Phone: Resi- 0172-4005643
Mob: 09878867238

Vice-President :
Sh. Kitab Singh Tiwana
H.No. 505, Sector 7-B, Chandigarh. 160010
Mob:- 09466413440

Finance Secretary :
S. Bachittar Singh Tiwana
H.No. 1088 Ist F, Sector 39-B, Chandigarh
Phone: Resi- 0172-2697536
Mob: 09878611088

Secretary :
Sh. Chander Pal Tiwana
H.No. 1019 Ist F, Sector 15-B, Chandigarh
Mob: 08901183458, 09417084430

Members :
1. Baljit Singh, Mob: 09417281225
2. Balbir Singh, Mob: 09815115946
3. Darbara Singh, Mob: 09501702580
4. Gurdeep Singh, Mob: 09815545815
5. Gunjeet Singh, Mob: 09814053550
6. Malvinder Singh, Mob: 08146499487
7. Surjeet Singh, Mob: 09915677911
8. Mrs. Dhiraj Kaur, Mob: 09815199381
9. Ms. Paramjit Kaur, Phone Resi: 016628257130

After completion of the election process the house was thrown open for discussion:-

  • Prof. Inder Singh Tiwana Ex- Principal, Mahendra College, Patiala felt the spirit of brotherhood in the Tiwana Brotherhood was lacking as they were neither participating in the social functions of one another such as marriages, bhog ceremonies nor holding any social functions of its own . He proposed that one or two such programmes must be held every year. He also proposed that we should honour the achievers in the Tiwana families. He also wanted that spouses of the members of the brotherhood should be made full members.
  • Prof. Darbara Singh Tiwana requested that the bi-annual meetings must be held regularly. He pointed out that during his research he found that Moun, Pawar/Puars & Lochab of Haryana are also Tiwana and are part and parcel of Tiwana Brotherhood and should remain to be so. He promised to translate his book “History of Tiwanas” into Punjabi and Hindi if some members could extend help. Prof. Inder Singh and S. Bachhitter Singh promised to help. As there are lot of Tiwanas in Districts Hoshiarpur, Jullunder and Amritsar so we should contact them too. A member offered to provide a copy of the book titled “ History of Clans in Punjab”
  • Prof. Malvinder Singh, Ex-Dean of PAU, Ludhiana now practicing agriculture in Canada was happy to be amongst his clan. He felt that the brotherhood must have its Headquarters and build an office. He was informed that this was discussed in detail and S. Narinder Singh Tiwana, President has offered a 500 Sq.Yd plot in his village Madhopur located on GT Road. But members felt that the H/Q should be in a city like Chandigarh, Mohalli, Patiala or Ludhiana. Prof. Malvinder Singh said that he is one of the founder members of the brotherhood and had accompanied S. Teja Singh Tiwana to Agriculture University Faizalabad on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee in 1997. At that time Tiwanas from Pakistan were also members. He wanted those contacts to be revived and proposed reciprocal visits to Pakistan in this regard.
  • Capt. Bhag Singh Tiwana informed that he was a (400 metre) national athlete in his times and had won many gold medals at national level. Now his son is a national level athlete.
  • Sardar Gurmukh Singh Tiwana also stressed the need for social festivals and informed that he is running a site “Roll Punjabi” on YOU TUBE and would be happy to participate in Tiwana fest. He felt that brotherhood must carry out some social works too.
  • Sardar Jaswant Singh Tiwana pointed that some years ago during a seminar in PAU he had informed that bees use 10 Kg of honey in their bodies to prepare honeycomb and if we could provide the honeycomb, it will save that much honey for bee farmers. Everyone had laughed at his suggestion, but in a few months he produced such a honey comb using natural gum. Now he is selling machines all over the world for this purpose. He offered to train anyone of Tiwana families who is interested to become an entrepreneur without investing any money.

Based on the above discussion the following decisions were taken in the meeting :-

1) The Tiwana brotherhood decided that (daughters/wives) be also permitted to enroll as full members of Tiwana Brotherhood.

2) Prof. Inder Singh & S. Gurmukh Singh, Prof. Malvinder Singh were requested to prepare proposal/scheme for holding Tiwana Fest/ Social work/ reviving contest in Tiwana’s in Pakistan.

Next Meeting will be hosted by Sardar Bachhiter Singh Finance Sec. at his village Ditupur, District Patiala in Ist week of May, 2014.

(Chander Pal Tiwana)
Tiwana Brotherhood international.


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