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The Tiwana Brotherhood International is a registered society under Registeration of Societies Act, 1986 with headquarters at Chandigarh. Shri Nazar Hayat Khan Tiwana son of Malik Khizr Hayat Khan Tiwana , last Premier of Punjab prior to partition of India and Punjab in 1947 had formed a communal harmony group called“The Organization of Communal Harmony ( TOUCH)”. He was in Delhi in Dec, 1990 to organize a panel discussion of this Group “ Let Faith Unite- Not Divide”. He met Sardar Narinder Singh Tiwana through Mrs Maneka Gandhi, the then Minister of Environment, Government of India.
Sardar Narinder Singh Tiwana who was then Chairman, Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment and Forests,New Delhi invited Justices Charan Singh Tiwana, Kulwant Singh Tiwana and Iqbal Singh tiwana, Dr Dalip Kaur Tiwana and Sardar Teja Singh Tiwana to participate in the seminar . After the seminar the Tiwanas met on January,1991 and realized that Tiwanas cut across barriers of religions and countries as they happen to be Muslims,Hindus and Sikhs and represent the true spirit of communal harmony . It was,therefore , decided to constitute an international society comprising Tiwanas of all religions to promote mutual social, cultural and educational understanding and advancement.
The society was registered on April 21st,1991 .All Tiwanas above the age of 21 irrespective of gender are eligible to be members of the TBI . The Tiwana girls can retain their membership even after they are married. The Brotherhood at present has more than 100 life members. It has published the history of Tiwanas excepts from which are available on the website.


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Tiwana Brotherhood International has instituted a scheme of awarding scholarships to meritorious students from families of Tiwana members. In urban areas a student must obtain 70% and a student view more ...